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Enterprise culture

Enterprise culture

The company regards the enterprise culture as the important soft strength for its development. According to the four-level model of the enterprise culture, the company actively advocates building and forming a complete set of corporate culture systems that meet the requirements of its development.


● Ideological culture:


Mission: To be a guardian of fluid control safety

Valves are important control devices in the fluid system. Their quality and performance directly affect the safety and stability of the system. For a long time, SUFA has been regarding “ supplying high security products to the society and users” as its mission, continuously carrying out management improvement and technological innovation, and providing users with safe, thoughtful and systematic solutions. In this way, the company has met all kinds of stringent quality and safety requirements.


Vision: To be a domestically-leading and a world-class integrated supplier of fluid control equipments

As a leading valve enterprise in China,SUFA endeavors to become a leading integrated supplier of fluid control equipment in China, and seize a place of its own on the international market, by strengthening, optimizing, and expanding the main business of valves, using its own financing platform as a listed company and implementing the strategy of "vertical extension" .


Core values: integrity, responsibility, collaboration and aggressiveness

Integrity: honesty and trustworthiness, the unity of knowledge and practice, the pursuit of excellence, sincere service.

Responsibility: love your job, fulfill your duties, be responsible and dare to make innovation.

Collaboration: cooperate in unity, promote the development, advance hand in hand, and seek win-win.

Aggressiveness: Advance bravely, forge ahead, make unremitting effort, and strive for great achievements



● Institutional culture:


Through the institutional system construction, the company has formed a complete set of corporate and departmental systems and managerial methods, and has been implementing the standard systems of ISO9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, so that all departments of the company are in a flexible, normal and orderly state under the unified command of the company, laying a solid foundation for effectively allocating resources, building the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and promoting the attainment of goals.


● Behavioral culture:


The company tries to arouse all its employees' intelligence, centripetal force and enterprising spirit, so that the employees of the company can exceed their personal limit and exert their collective synergy, thus producing the effect of 1+1>2.

The company has set up "Shen Chifeng Labor Model Innovation Studio". By displaying the style of labor models, the company tries to give full play to the exemplary and guiding role of the studio, so as to carry forward the spirit of labor models in the company, and convert the spirit of labor models into the common spiritual wealth of the company's employees.


● Image culture:


The company persists in intensively combining the nuclear industry spirit of "A-bomb, H-bomb and nuclear -powered submarine " with the famous brand image of the company, having created a unique enterprise image identification system with unique characteristics and styles.


Company spirit: unity, struggle, practicality and innovation

Business philosophy: relying on nuclear power to strengthen the scale of the main business and enable the development and success of customers

Integrated supplier of fluid control equipment