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The Business Department of Nuclear Valves of SUFA
Adress: No. 178,Anyang Road,Huqiu District,Suzhou

The factory of the Business Department of Nuclear Valves of SUFA is located in Xuguan Industrial Park in Suzhou High and New Tech Zone, to the east of An Yang Road, the south of Huaqiao Road and the north of the river channel, with a total land use area of about 100mu (15 mu=1hectare), a total building/construction floor area of about 35,000 square meters, and a total building area of about 40,000 square meters. Its manufacturing capacity covers machining, welding, heat treatment, nondestructive testing, assembly and function testing and other key processes, capable of providing six million-kilowatt class units products annually. The business department has supplied a large number of high-quality nuclear-class valves to Qinshan, Fuqing, Fangjiashan, Changjiang, Hongyanhe, Ningde, Yangjiang, Fangcheng Port, Sanmen, Haiyang, Tianwan and Pakistan's Chashma and other nuclear power projects. It is one of the R & D, production and manufacturing bases representing the advanced level of Chinese industry of nuclear power valves.

The Business Department of Petroleum Petrochemical and Special Valves of SUF
Adress: No. 501,Zhujiang Road,Huqiu District,Suzhou

The Business Department of Petroleum Petrochemical and Special Valves mainly engages in the production, manufacturing and detection of petroleum and petrochemical valves and special valves, and also possesses the qualification and capability of nuclear class products. Its products are used in petroleum, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, metallurgy, coking, aerospace, military industry and other industries, including 1/4”—60”(DN6—DN 1500), Class 150—4500LB.

The Business Department of Utility Valves of SUFA
Adress: No. 501,Zhujiang Road,Huqiu District,Suzhou

The Business Department of Utility Valves of SUFA is a specialized manufacturing base of water system valves, formerly known as the Sino-German Suzhou SUFA-DA Valve Co., Ltd., By successfully brought the world-leading concept and technology of direct drinking water valves into China, it has promoted the great development of water supply system in Chinese urban and rural areas. So far, this business department has become the most powerful integrated supplier of high-quality water valves in China, leading the development of domestic water valves.

Based on years of development, The Business Department of Utility Valves has formed an annual production capacity of 150,000 valves, including various types of utility system valves, with the gate valve size being DN40-800, and butterfly valve size being DN50-4000. According to market demand, the business department carries out the inventory reserve of conventional products to meet the urgent needs of customers.

The Business Department of Power Station Valves of CNNC SUFA
Adress: No. 178,Anyang Road,Huqiu District,Suzhou

The Business Department of Power Station Valves is a specialized production and manufacturing base of power-system medium and high-end valves and general national-standard valves of the company. The business department has a complete set of manufacturing equipment and various types of perfect detection facilities, with a production operation area of about 8,600 square meters. Supported by the company's technical strength,casting (forging) and processing capability, the business department has developed and produced the regulation valves, nuclear power conventional island valves and high-performance GB,JB,HG series on-off valve products, providing supporting services to the five largest power generation groups in China, SDIC Power, Guohua Electric Power, China Resources Power, Sinopec, PetroChina and other large domestic backbone enterprises, and supplying high-quality products to the thermal power units of 600-1000MW, and having vigorously promoted the localization of key valves of supercritical thermal power units in China.

The Business Department of Power Station Valves is always committed to the R & D and supporting work of high-temperature, high-pressure and large size special valves in thermal power plants, and has contributed to the localized development of power-system valves. The business department will adhere to the traditional culture of SUFA, build the H brand with quality, and provide customers with excellent products and the best service.

SuZhou SUFA Ball Valve Co.,Ltd.
Adress: No. 1637,Chengyun Road,Xiangcheng District,Suzhou

SuZhou SUFA Ball Valve Co.,Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SUFA Technology Industry Co., Ltd.,CNNC  located in Suzhou Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone. At present, the company covers an area of more than 42 mu, and has a factory building area of more than 20,000 square meters, and more than 50 sets of manufacturing equipment. The company has a machining center, CNC machine tools, a complete set of lathes, millers, drillers, grinders and other machining equipments, two paint-spraying assembly lines and a full set of ball valve test equipments. Targeted at specialized production of ball valves, the company can currently produce one-piece, two-pieces and three-pieces castings and forgings soft and hard sealed ball valve products in series, with its development direction concentrated in high-safety fully-welded ball valves, double-piston effect ball valves, hard-sealed ball valves required by special conditions, ball valves of ultra-low temperature, ball valves of special materials (such as titanium), etc. So far, the company has met the demand of assembly and testing of large-size valves up to 56 ".

Forge Factory of SUFA
Adress: No. 7,Donghenggang Road,Xiangcheng District,Suzhou

Forge Factory of SUFA (Sino-American Forge Co., Ltd.) is a professional subsidiary of SUFA Technology Industry Co., Ltd.,CNNC .

In 2010, workshop on the basis of the original forging workshop, Sino-American Forgery Co., Ltd was set up, new factory buildings were rebuilt and facilities were updated, and large-scale equipment and machining technology were introduced. By strengthening and refining the enterprise, we have effectively improved our ability to undertake business and the quality of our products. In addition, by applying modern advanced detection instruments and the new processes of product surface treatment, we have been continuously innovating the new product development of our enterprise, and have promoted the technical content of our product. We have brought up a contingent of high-quality technical workers. Through technological innovation, by exerting our own advantage, we have increased our annual production capacity to 10,000 tons of forgings, the weight of our single free forging pieces to 5 tons, and the weight of our single die forging pieces to 180 kg.

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