About SUFA


    1952 Brief History

  • 1952-12-30

    In 1952, Suzhou Valve Factory, the predecessor of SUFA Technology Industry Co.,Ltd.,CNNC,was established. In the 1950s, the company began to make important contribution to the success of the experimental explosion of the first atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb of China, commended by the Central Committee of CPC, State Council, the Central Military Commission and State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry in the form of congratulatory telegrams.


  • 1962-12-30

    In 1962, the company was put under the administration of the No.2 Ministry of Machine Building, became a military enterprise, and undertook the task of nuclear equipment valve manufacturing;


  • 1978-12-30

    In 1978, the company started its secondary entrepreneurship by converting it into a civil enterprise;


  • 1983-12-30

    In 1983, the company secured the nuclear retention right of imported valves, and obtained the “SUFA” and “H” trademarks;


  • 1988-12-30

    In 1988, the products of SUFA were exported to West Europe, making a “zero” breakthrough in foreign trade, and were successively exported to more than 50 countries/regions in North America, Europe, Middle East, etc.


  • 1996-12-30

    The company has been evaluated as the model unit in the secondary entrepreneurship in the system of the national defense industry;


  • 1997-07-07

    The company successfully listed itself at Shenzhen Stock Exchange and became the first listed state-controlled company in the Chinese valve industry and the system of CNNC Group;


  • 2000-10-18

    “CNNC Suzhou Valve Co., Ltd.” was renamed “ SUFA Technology Industry Co.,Ltd.,CNNC”, abbreviated as “SUFA”;


  • 2003-12-20

    Within a short period after listing itself, the company provided thousands of nuclear valves for the first, second and third phases of Qinshan Nuclear Power Company, and tens of thousands of high temperature and high pressure power station valves for nuclear power, thermal power and other projects. The company became a leading enterprise in the Chinese valve industry, with more than 500 customers at home and abroad.


  • 2004-12-15

    At the end of 2004, the company carried out project construction preparation and equipment relocation in response to the policy of “withdrawing from the old urban area and entering the development zone”;


  • 2008-12-16

    In the Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period, the company increased its production capacity in special valve varieties and reinforced the scientific research and independent development of relevant products. Its production bases in Suzhou New Zone, Huguan, Xiangcheng and other areas covered an area of more than 500 mu.

  • 2006-05-26

    On May 26, 2006, the company completed its relocation and launched a ceremony for the completion of its construction project in the new zone. The new factory covered 118 mu (15mu=1hectare). The company energetically marched into the high-end valve field.


  • 2015-03-10

    In the Twelfth Five-Year Plan Period,the company has accelerated the pace of independent research and development, so that the company basically has the complete supply capacity of three generations of nuclear power unit valves, the supply capacity of the key valves of the four-generation nuclear power unit, the supply capacity of the valve of the million tons of ethylene and the million tons of oil refining project, And the valve complete supply capacity of the ultra-(ultra-) critical thermal power unit.

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