Maintenance and operation

● The management system of customer complaints based on “four mechanisms”

The company has established a customer complaint management system based on "four mechanisms” (rapid response mechanism, whole process tracking mechanism, quality event tracing mechanism, Customer service return-visit mechanism)", systematically collecting, sorting and analyzing customer complaint information.


● Rapid response mechanism

The company carries on the hierarchical control to the quality event, after receives the quality feedback, carries on the corresponding according to the grade and formulates the temporary measure, the after-sales service personnel stands by at any time. Where on-site service is required, the after-sales service personnel arrive at the designated place within the appointed time. If there is a return plan order, the integrated planning department shall carry out its work after ensuring that the plan is issued or the product is returned to the factory.


● Whole process tracking and quality event tracing mechanism

Establish the whole process tracking mechanism of the business personnel, coordinate in time, control the process of quality problem treatment until the problem is solved, establish a tracing mechanism for key customers and major quality problems, analyze and find out the reasons in coordination with related R & D, quality, manufacturing departments, provide written feedback to customers. For general problems, the quality department shall carry out technical and purchase improvement and rectification with relevant manufacturing units, and circulate a notice at the relevant quality management meetings, the technical coordination meetings and the joint production meetings. For technical problems for which it is difficult to verify and form a closed loop, a special treatment group shall be established, the problems shall be tackled in coordination with relevant departments, and systematic improvement shall be made tentatively.


● Customer service return-visit mechanism

Make a telephone return visit to the customer within three days after the maintenance service on the site of the customer, and carefully understand the service situation of the service personnel on the site and the use of the product after maintenance, and confirm each item according to the on-site service requirements (the customer will give marks according to the overall process of on-site service). Call customers again within 3 weeks after site service to understand the use of the products after maintenance, and record the feedback truthfully, and transfer any problem to the technical support for further follow-up and settlement.

With regard to resupplied products after rework and repair, the sale department shall follow up on them and forward the customer feedback to the quality department.

After a key customer makes a complaint about quality, the business personnel, when necessary, visit the customer under the leadership of the business managers or company leaders, form customer visit reports, record customer comments on the treatment results of quality problems, and listen to customer suggestions and opinions, and further improve the customer relationship.

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