Historical evolution and major events

  In 1952,

  Tracing back to its roots, Suzhou sand turning plant and casting pipe factory were merged to form a local state-owned Suzhou railway factory.

  In 1960,

  After several changes, on the basis of the local state-owned Suzhou railway factory, the predecessor of SUFA, the local state-owned Suzhou valve factory, was established.

  In 1962,

  Under the second Ministry of Machinery Industry, become a military enterprise, undertaking the task of nuclear equipment valve manufacturing.

  It began in the 1960s

  It made important contributions to the success of China's first atomic bomb and hydrogen bomb test explosion, and was commended by the CPC Central Committee, The State Council, the Central Military Commission and the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense.

  It began in 1978

  "Military to civilian", the enterprise second entrepreneurship opened the prelude.

  In 1983,

  Obtain the nuclear retention rights of imported valves and obtain the trademarks of "SUFA" and "H".

  In 1988,

  SUFA products go abroad, exported to Western Europe, to achieve a "zero" breakthrough in foreign trade products, products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

  In 1996,

  National defense industry system second entrepreneurship model unit.

  On July 10,1997

  It was successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first state-owned listed company in domestic valve industry and CNNC.

  On October 18,2000

  "CNNC Suzhou Valve Co., Ltd." has been changed to "SUFA Technology Industry Co., LTD.,CNNC

  " referred to as "SUFA".

  At the beginning of the company's listing

  Thousands of nuclear power grade valves for Phase I, Phase II and Phase III of Qinshan Nuclear Power Company and tens of thousands of valves for high temperature and high pressure power stations for nuclear power field, thermal power and thermal power projects. To become the leading enterprise in China's valve industry, with more than 500 domestic and foreign customers.

  At the end of 2004

  In response to the "retreat from the city and entering the area", the project construction preparation and equipment relocation work.

  26 May 2006

  The relocation was completed and the inauguration ceremony of the new district construction project was held. The new plant covers an area of 118 acres. To enter the high-end valve field.

  The 11th Five-Year Plan period

  The company increases the professional valve production capacity expansion construction and independent development of product research and development, in Suzhou New District, Huguan, Xiangcheng and other areas of the layout of professional production bases, a total area of more than 500 acres.

  The 12th Five-Year Plan period

  The company accelerated the pace of independent research and development, so that the company basically has the supply capacity of the second generation of nuclear power units to cut off class valves, the supply capacity of 1 million tons of ethylene, 10 million tons of oil refinery valves, and the supply capacity of key valves of super (super) critical thermal power units.

  The 13th Five-Year Plan period

  The company basically has the supply capacity of the complete sets of cut-off valves for the third generation nuclear power units and the supply capacity of key valves for the fourth generation nuclear power units.

  The 14th Five-Year Plan period

  The company adheres to innovation-driven development and has achieved a number of scientific and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights, covering nuclear power, nuclear fuel, public utilities, thermal power, petrochemical and other fields. At the same time, information technology enables enterprises to take solid steps to transform digital intelligence and continue to expand and extend to emerging fields.