Manufacture License of Special Equipment People's Republic of China


Civil nuclear safety equipment design license

Civil nuclear safety equipment manufacturing license

ISO9001 quality management system certificate

ISO15848 certificate

ISO14001 certificate

ISO45001 certificate

ISO10497 certificate

ASME-N certification

ASME NPT certification

ASME-NB Certification

ABS(PDA-Design) certificate

ABS(MA- Manufacturing) certification

Special Equipment Type Test Certificate (TS Type Test Certificate)

API6D certificate

API6A Certificate

API600 Certificate

API602 Certificate

ATEX certificate

CUTR certificate

CE certificate

SIL certificate

National Defense Metrological Technology Agency License

Measurement management system certification

CCC Certificate

UK WARS(Water Research Advisory Scheme) certificate

CCCF(China Compulsory Certification Fire-fighting Products Certification) certificate

XHJS water saving certification

GB/T2799 certification

· Obtained API certificate in 1982

In 1993, it passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification of DNV

· In 1995, obtained the civil nuclear safety equipment design and manufacturing license issued by the National Nuclear Safety Administration

· In 2001, it obtained the European Community (CE) certification