The operation and maintenance service centre of SUFA Technology Industry Co., LTD.,CNNC is the company's 14th Five-Year Development Plan, adhere to the "intelligence + service", expanding the valve operation and maintenance services business market leading departments.

  Operation and maintenance service centre to meet the needs of customers on petrochemical, electric power and other device valve operation and maintenance, integrated technology, quality, big data analysis and on-site testing, maintenance and repair, testing and other personnel resources, to provide customers with valve equipment life cycle maintenance, business communication, overhaul program design and implementation, technical guidance and process control services.

  Based on the company's technology, quality, big data analysis and on-site testing, testing personnel, such as the formation of the operation and maintenance service centre, mainly to provide the full life of the product maintenance, business communication, overhaul program design, program implementation, as well as technical guidance and process control services and other work.

  1、Operation and Maintenance Service Centre takes service as the core of development, and takes petroleum and petrochemical, coal chemical industry, special materials, high temperature and high pressure, imported valves as the main service direction.

  2、Operation and Maintenance Service Centre is to communicate and dock with users on behalf of CNNC, and sign maintenance contracts. Carry out online and nearby maintenance, maintenance business; return to the plant maintenance relying on the company's major divisions plant equipment and facilities, the use of their respective fields of expertise, the ability to restore the use of the product's function, to achieve the product's technical standards and use of the requirements.

  3、According to the inspection and maintenance of the characteristics of maintenance work, valve repair is divided into two types of online and offline maintenance.

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