Whole·Synergy | The engineering prototype of the pilot-operated safety valve for regulator developed by CNNC has successfully passed the seismic identification test witness.

Pageviews: Author: 系统管理员 2024-04-08

Recently, the pressurizer pilot safety valve engineering prototype jointly developed by China Nuclear Science and Technology and the Nuclear Power Institute completed the seismic identification test, and successfully passed the Nuclear and radiation Safety Center of the Department of Ecological Environment of the National Nuclear Safety Administration and the Nuclear Equipment Safety and Reliability Center of the General Institute of Mechanical Science Research.

The pressurizer pilot safety valve is the overpressure protection equipment of the reactor coolant system in pressurized water reactor (PWR) nuclear power plant. The valve has complex structure and high manufacturing accuracy requirements, and is recognized as the most difficult nuclear grade key valve in the industry, and seismic test is one of the highest risk "roadblocks" in many identification tests of the valve. Such a complex equipment to carry out high-parameter dynamic seismic test is the first time in China, whether the valve body or test equipment, test methods are put forward high requirements, to this end, the nuclear science and technology and nuclear power Institute project team to jointly carry out technical research, resource exchange, experience and practice sharing, through the overall coordination, close cooperation, and the review unit multi-party communication and coordination, overcome difficulties. The seismic identification test of the prototype was successfully completed.

It is one of the important milestones in the development of the project that the pressurizer pilot safety valve engineering prototype has passed the seismic identification test, marking that a key research and development difficulty of the project has been overcome, and the prototype identification has entered the closing stage, laying a solid foundation for the final overall completion of the project and the industrialization of scientific research achievements in the later stage.

Contributed by:Lihua Su ( Fourth Party Branch)

Edited by: Junyi Chen

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