The order of high-pound low-temperature hard seal butterfly valve independently developed by CNNC was successfully delivered

Pageviews: Author: 系统管理员 2024-04-26

Recently, the self-developed high-pound low-temperature hard seal butterfly valve order provided by CNNC for a project of CNOOC successfully passed the third-party acceptance and completed the delivery task on time. This order is the first order after the company completed the construction of high-end butterfly valve manufacturing capacity, and it is also the whole process verification of the ability of Ball butterfly factory in the fields of high-end butterfly valve technology research and development, manufacturing, quality control and other fields.

In the future, on the basis of LNG prototype identification and API audit, CNNC will further take market demand as a guide, continuously improve product quality and technical level, provide customers with better and more reliable products and services, and make high-end butterfly valves a new business growth point for the company.

Contributed by Qin Chen ( tenth Party branch )

Edited by Junyi Chen

Reviewed by Liang Ji