Main Steam Isolation Valve

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Application Scenario: The main steam isolation valve is an important safety equipment for Hualong I and CAP series nuclear power plants, installed in the main steam system of the second circuit. In the event of a main steam line rupture, the valve can be quickly closed within 5 seconds, effectively isolating and restricting the release of steam to ensure the safe operation of the nuclear power plant.

Design pressure: ≤8.9MPa

Design temperature: ≤320°C

Nominal diameter: ≤DN1050

Won a number of honours:

-Achieving zero breakthrough in industrialisation

-First Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award 2017

-Jiangsu Province first (sets) of major equipment and key components

-The Fifth (2017) China Energy Equipment Industry Award "China Energy Equipment Top Ten Innovative Products of the Year".

High-tech products in Jiangsu Province in 2017

-Currently DN1050 main steam isolation valve holds the record of the largest main steam isolation valve in the world.