Smart valve

Pageviews: Author: 系统管理员 2024-05-29

Smart valve is a new generation of digital technology through the integration and application of sensing, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new generation of digital technology, so that the valve has its own state perception, data management, operation analysis, fault diagnosis, self-decision-making, cloud control and self-learning and optimisation features, to achieve intelligent control and health management of the valve and other functions.

SUFA smart valve consists of smart valve body (equipped with smart valve stem, smart stud), smart actuator and corresponding detection unit (such as flow sensor, pressure sensor, temperature sensor), etc. Through real-time monitoring of the valve operating parameters, it solves the problems of dispersed management, real-time status monitoring, inspection and operation and maintenance costs, which are common in fluid control systems, and provides a complete set of solutions for the digitalisation and intelligentisation of fluid control systems. Digital and intelligent to provide a complete set of solutions.

Main manufacturing direction: build and use big data model, around the modularity, integration, systematic and other technical characteristics, for the power station, petroleum and petrochemical, water and other applications to provide high-quality intelligent products.

Main application scenarios: valve intelligent control function, valve real-time status monitoring function, valve fault diagnosis and alarm function, valve health management and life prediction function, multi-valve self-organising network function based on fluid control system cloud.